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Handmade is Dead and Etsy Killed It

It's a Craft Conspiracy!

Why Creative People Hate Exposure

How This Retro-Chic Clothing Company Built Their Brand to 36,000+ Sales in Two Years

Post-Vacation Clarity

Jet Lag Sucks

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Hungry Artist Broadcast #2

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The Beginning of Something Cool

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This is just not who I am anymore

How Zuck wants me to give up your data

Shop with Meta and Surrender Data

How a pigeon became the perfect brand opportunity

TEXTure 2 - Asset Drop

These creative revolutionaries believe art, design, and streetwear are synonymous

Ambitious or absurd? You decide.

Ambition has always been my strength...and my weakness

You'll be able to tell others, “I was there when…”

April Maker's Wrap Up

One year on Substack changed my view on life

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The end of the digital sharecropper


Let's Talk About Rejection

Flyboy Hebru Brantley Is In Control

This is where I spend my money

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I can kill AI with a paintbrush

Makers: Important Announcement

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The Wrap Up | 03.28.23

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Willful Ignorance Toward Art

The false narrative of perfect art

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There’s a Right Way, and Then There’s This

Trying Something New

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Kicking Off Mag Bash Volume 2

Is This a New Renaissance?

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The Creative Advice that Changed My Life Forever

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Self-Serve Car Wash Decay

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Repeating Grit and Grime - AD12

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