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I'm in the MARKET for some changes

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I'm in the MARKET for some changes

Makercast Ep. 7

This time we are doing something a little bit different. It really comes down to the fact that my audio recorder decided to be temperamental today. Add, my misfortune is your… well… fortune.

Not only do you get the audio version which may sound a little weird because I recorded it with my camera, but now you also get this video. They are basically the same, minus the snazzy intro music on the pod, but now you get to choose how you consume the content.

This leads me to a question…


Today we talked about marketplaces, why they are good or not good, and if you should use them. The answer isn’t so simple, and I’ll be going in deeper on this throughout the week.

Also, I talk about a few changes I’m making here to THA and how that might effect you. The changes are small, so the answer is really not much.

Enjoy the episode.

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