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April Maker's Wrap Up

Everything you might have missed this month

This month was busier than most, despite being on vacation for part of the month, I published more pieces this month than any other, some of which live on the blog only.

The first was this video snippet from one of my favorite YouTube channels, Idea Generation, and it features Chicago artist Hebru Brantley and his take on why it’s important to make things for collectors of different walks of life.

The video jumps in at the point he makes this statement, and I recommend going back to watch the entire interview. It’s worth the time investment.

The Hungry Artist
Flyboy Hebru Brantley Is In Control
This whole interview with Hebru Brantley is a fantastic look into one of today’s most influential artists, but this bit about Basquiat and the art establishment is so on point, it’s a much watch for any visual artist…
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