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I'm a Fraud!

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I'm a Fraud!

Makercast Ep. 10

This episode is about imposter syndrome and how it affects us, or worse, holds us back. I am not immune, and you aren't either, and that's OK as long as we get real with ourselves about how to push past these fearful moments.

Also, there are cool things for people who recommend The Hungry Artist to friends. The list of things right now is pretty cool, but I guarantee you it's only gonna get better if you know somebody who will enjoy The Hungry Artist, please share.

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Asset Drop Update

At the end of July, I delivered the first portion of my new icon pack, Traveller. I was trying to finish the entire pack before the end of the month, but the timing wasn’t on my side. However, I finally finished the entire set, including all 192 icons. You can download the updated file below.

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