Hey, how’s it going? I’m Dave and as the picture shows you, I do my best thinking when I look pensively out to the horizon.

What is Dave Makes Things

This is about having a crystal-clear intention about our creative pursuits, and how we push past the typical stigmas to speak more confidently about our art, share openly with purpose, and embrace the opportunity to make real money.

I once posed a question to creative friends on social media, asking them what is one skill they wish they could learn that would dramatically affect the rest of their lives. There were many answers, but the three most popular were:

  1. Speak more confidently about the work

  2. Learn better techniques around marketing and promotion

  3. Have a better sense of value for the work and charge more money for it

Ever since these have been the driving purpose behind what I share here.

Hi, I’m Dave

I’m an artist, designer, and author. My real job though is the relentless pursuit of fearless creativity, both in myself and in the encouragement of others. Subscribe to Dave Makes Things and I just may challenge your beliefs.

The best stuff is free

Every Friday I share a post sharing thoughts, ideas, and creative challenges to encourage personal growth as an artist. I’ll share personal stories, insights from other successful creatives, and some fun homework assignments to help you look at your work in different ways.

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you get less value. In fact, it’s my goal to deliver the best quality content I can for everyone. I want you to win this game as much as anyone because it benefits us all when we are bold and fearless about our art.

Why become a member?

Makers (members) get to join the conversation. Comment threads are a great opportunity for me to interact directly with you, providing one-on-one insight on whatever thoughts or questions you may have.

Also, twice a month, I publish the Maker’s Supply Crate—a list of the coolest and most creative links I’ve collected along with my personal thoughts on each. These will be content-rich with plenty of items to keep you informed, entertained, and equipped with a variety of new tools to help you achieve your goals.

I also have a habit of sharing sudden “guy in a car” video updates like this one. I never know when they’ll hit, but I do my best to make them worthy of your time.

Just be here

Free or paid, it’s ok either way. The most important thing is to subscribe because you don’t want to miss out on the next post which could be the one that helps change your life.

It could happen, and if it does, I’d like to make it happen together.

One last bit and I’ll let you dig in.

This space is relatively new to me, and at the time of my writing this, I don’t have tons of content posted, but that will change soon.

This post here is one people enjoyed, and maybe you will too, and if you like it, please share it.

Dave Makes Things
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Want to find me other places, I’m on YouTube, and you can see my art at DaveConrey.com.

I’m sure I’ll see you around somewhere.


Dave Conrey


Dave Conrey
I'm an artist and designer focused on sharing stories and insights that help artists speak more confidently about their work, share with intention, and get straight with their beliefs around money.